Les Indes Galantes - Rameau

November 11 & 12, 't Voorhuys, Emmeloord. December 9, Odeon, Zwolle


Les Quatres Jeunesses is a dance opera based on the baroque music from Les Indes Galantes by Jean-Philippe Rameau. The piece portrays the interrelationships between four major contemporary movements : Millenium/Southas, Pride/FOMO, Hippies/nature&climate, Party People. In the end, love conquers all.
The movements are represented in 14 dance pieces in four different styles, including hip-hop. Of course, La Mascotte sings and plays. They are accompanied by the Apollo Ensemble.
Bellone: Nick van Kuipers
Adario: Koen Masteling
Zima: Aaike Nortier
Hébé: Elles Venhuizen
Amor: Anneloes Kriek
Dance: XOXO Dance company
Landstede/Deltion dancers Musicalperformer
Orchestra: Apollo Ensemble
Choir and youth choir: La Mascotte Emmeloord- Zwolle

Artistic team:
Musical direction: Marion Bluthard
Concept development: Marion Bluthard
Script: Eva Löbker
Directed by Jop van Gennip
Choir: Operakoor La Mascotte Emmeloord - Zwolle
Choreography: Xoë Sorée and Merel Klappenburg.
Creative advisor: Gina Maria
clothing, decor: Volunteers and members of La Mascotte
Production: Music theater association La Mascotte Emmeloord - Zwolle
Co-producer: Stichting Cultuurbedrijf Noordoostpolder
More information and tickets at: Les Quatres Jeunesses