Kunstklank - Adem | Ruimte | Licht

2-5 May in the Oude Jeroenskerk in Noordwijk


The KunstKlank Noordwijk Foundation will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2024. Reason enough to reflect on the world we live in during this anniversary year with the unique project ADEM | RUIMTE | LICHT. In which we give space to the others, listen to the voices around us, to find and understand each other, a topical theme.

ADEM | RUIMTE | LICHT is a tailor-made concert in a theatrical setting. A spatial experience with art and sound on a unique 13th-century heritage site, in the middle of the old village centre of Noordwijk.
Past, present and future meet in this production.
The visual art in the theatrical concert ADEM | RUIMTE | LICHT is part of the experience of grandeur and intimacy.

More information and tickets via: Kunstklank